TV Asashi’s coveted 6:30 am Sunday time slot, which has been used exclusively for Anime simulcasts and re-runs since 2000, is being replaced by a new Sunday Morning sports program. This comes as a shock to fans of the World Trigger anime, which began airing on TV Asashi’s Sunday Morning time slot in October 2014, and has run for 70+ continuous episodes since.

Although neither TV Asashi nor Toei have confirmed what will happen to World Trigger after it’s removed from its usual time slot, fans all over the internet are presumptuously assuming that this is the end of the World Trigger Anime. As an avid fan of both Daisuke Ashihara-sensei’s manga and Toei’s anime adaptation of World Trigger, I am hoping someone will soon step in to clear up this misunderstanding and confirm a third season of the epic Action Sci-Fi anime.

We will try to keep this page updated as new information becomes available. Here’s hoping for some good news!